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So what is tells the story of four Americans that decide to leave everything behind for an epic road trip across the second biggest country in the world. For three months they travel from the East coast to the West coast in an attempt to discover the heart and soul of Canada. Why don't we ever hear anything about Canada? What does it mean to be a Canadian? How do Canadians survive the winter? Through their comical misadventures and experiences the team paints a picture of the greatest country you probably know nothing about. 17,000 miles, 60 interviews, 4 Americans, 1 incredible country.

On Location

The crew visits beautiful and isolated locations such as Newfoundland and Yellowknife. With stops in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, and Quebec City they see the metropolitan side of Canada. The small towns weren’t missed either, including Gimli, Thunder Bay, and Squamish. They visit music and art festivals, a lumberjack competition, and even charter a plane to shoot breathtaking aerial footage. Of course, all epic stories have their challenges. Also we are visiting the most interesting sight of the country like historical museums, monuments and the oldest colleges and universities Scarborough college and others. The crew’s trusty van, the “Green Machine” certainly provides plenty, and at several points threatens to derail the whole trip. Can they make it to the West coast, and will Johnny become a real Canadian? has been screened in numerous cities across the United States and Canada, often to sold-out crowds. Audience members at every screening have remarked that they have been inspired to see Canada for themselves. Set to an all-Canadian soundtrack, will introduce you to the rest of the North American neighborhood!

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